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Product News

  • Electric Vehicle Applications
    Diotec manufactures Soft Recovery High Speed Diodes and Rectifiers ideally suited for Electric Vechicle Motor Speed Controller applications.
  • PoE Surge Protection
    PoE Surge Protection With Diotec's BipolarTVS Diode Cells and Diode Stacks.
  • On Semi* Replacements
    Diotec manufactures quality direct replacements for On Semi* diodes.

Product Highlights

specialty diodes & rectifiers Diotec can provide effective solutions for your emergent diode problems.
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transient voltage suppressor (TVS) Diotec's diode stacks are ideally suited for preventing overvoltage and overcurrent damage to electronic systems
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*ON Semiconductor is a registered trademark of Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC (SLLC)

Fast Recovery Diodes & Rectifiers

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Lead Mount Button Diodes

Fast Recovery Diodes

Fast Recovery Diode 1N4148 Fast Recovery Diodes 1N4933-1N4937 Fast Recovery Diodes RP100-RP110 Fast Recovery Diodes RGP100-RGP110 Fast Recovery Diodes RGP200-RGP210 Fast Recovery Diodes RP300-RP310 Fast Recovery Diodes RGP300-RGP310 Fast Recovery Diodes RP600-RP610 Fast Recovery Diodes RGP800-RGP806

Fast Recovery Bridge Rectifiers

Fast Recovery Bridge Rectifiers FDI100-FDI110 Fast Recovery Bridge Rectifiers FWB150-FWB1510 Fast Recovery Bridge Rectifiers FSB200-FSB210 Fast Recovery Bridge Rectifiers FDB600-FDB610 Fast Recovery Bridge Rectifiers FDB2500P-FDB2510P Fast Recovery Bridge Rectifiers FDB3500P-FDB3510P

Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers

Click on a Series Number to view/download specifications.

Schottky Diodes 1N5817-1N5819 Schottky Diodes SK102-SK110 Schottky Diodes 1N5820-1N5822 Schottky Diodes SK302-SK310 Schottky Diodes SK502-SK510 Schottky Diodes 6SK40-6SK100 Schottky Diodes 12SK40-12SK100 Schottky Diodes SK1240C-SK12100C Schottky Diodes 16SK40-16SK100 Schottky Diodes SK1640C-SK1600C Schottky Diodes SK2440C-SK24100C Schottky Diodes SK3040C-SK30100C Schottky Diodes SK4040C-SK40100C Schottky Diodes SK6030C-SK60100C

Soft Recovery Diodes & Rectifiers

Click on a Series Number to view/download specifications.

Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers SRP3500-SRP3506 Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers SRP7500-SRP7506 Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers SRL3500-SRL3506 Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers SRL7500-SRL7506 Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers DR3500F-DR3506F Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers DR7500F-DR7506F Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers FWB150-S to FWB156-S Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers SBU8A-S to SBU8J-S Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers DB3500-DB3506 Soft Recovery Diodes Rectifiers SDB5000-S to SDB5006-S

Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifiers

Click on a Series Number to view/download specifications.

Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier DI100-DI110 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier S1NB05-S1NB100 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier SB200-SB210 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier DB300-DB310 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier DB600-DB610 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifiers ADB604-ADB608 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier DB800-DB810 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier ADB804-ADB808 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier DB1000-DB1010 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier ADB1004-ADB1008 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier SB400L-SB410L Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier ASB404L-ASB408L Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier KBL00-KBL10 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier SBU4A-SBU4M Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier SBU6A-SBU6M Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier SBU8A-SBU8M Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier SB500-SB510 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier HBU600-HBU610 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier AHB604-AHB608 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier DB1500P-DB1510P Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier ADB1504P-ADB1508P Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier DB2500P-DB2510P Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier ADB2504P-ADB2508P Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier DB3500P-DB3510P Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier ADB3504P-ADB3508P Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier DB5000P-DB5010P Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier ADB5004P-ADB5008P Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier SDB4000-SDB4010 Standard Recovery Bridge Rectifier SDB5000-SDB5010

Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Diodes & Rectifiers

TVS diode cells are available in single diode, diode stacks, or configured to any stack size configuration to meet specific operational requirements. These high power TVS diode cells and stacks are manufactured using Diotec's proprietary Void Free Vacuum Die Soldering process which provides these diodes with maximum mechanical strength, maximum heat dissipation, high reliability and superior performance.

Bipolar TVS Diode Cells
1.5KW TVS Diode Cells
3.0KW TVS Diode Cells
6.0KW TVS Diode Cells

Lead Mount Button Diodes
Lead Mount Button Diodes

Bosch Type Press Fit TVS Diodes
50 Amp Press Fit TVS Diodes
60 Amp Press Fit TVS Diodes
75 Amp Press Fit TVS Diodes

TVS Diodes-Button Package
35 Amp TVS Button Diodes: Compact | Standard
50 Amp TVS Button Diodes: Compact | Standard
60 Amp TVS Button Diodes: Compact | Standard
75 Amp TVS Button Diodes: Compact | Standard

TVS Diode Cells
35 Amp TVS Diode Cell


Standard Diodes

Lead Mount Button Diodes
Lead Mount Button Diodes

Bosch Type Press Fit Standard Diodes
50 Amp Press Fit Standard Diodes
60 Amp Press Fit Standard Diodes
75 Amp Press Fit Standard Diodes

Standard Diodes - Button Package
25 Amp Button Diodes: Compact | Standard
35 Amp Button Diodes: Compact | Standard
50 Amp Button Diodes: Compact | Standard
60 Amp Button Diodes: Compact | Standard
75 Amp Button Diodes: Compact | Standard

Standard Diode Cells

12 Amp PR4 Diode Cells
25 Amp Soza Diode Cells
35 Amp Soza Diode Cells
50 Amp Jumbo Diode Cells
60 Amp Jumbo Diode Cells
75 Amp Jumbo Diode Cells


Ultrafast Diodes

Ultrafast Diodes UFR100-UFR110 Ultrafast Diodes SPR11-SPR13 Ultrafast Diodes SPR21-SPR 24, UFR26-UFR28 Ultrafast Diodes SPR30-SPR34 Ultrafast Diodes UFR300-UFR310 Ultrafast Diodes UFR400-UFR410 Ultrafast Diodes SPR51-SPR54 Ultrafast Diodes UFR600-UFR608 6SPR01-6SPR05 Ultrafast Diodes SPR601C-SPR605C Ultrafast Diodes 8SPR01-8SPR05 Ultrafast Diodes SPR81-SPR86 Ultrafast Diodes SP1001C-SPR1005C Ultrafast Diodes 12SPR01-12SPR05 Ultrafast Diodes SPR150-SPR156 Ultrafast Diodes SPR1601C-SPR1605C Ultrafast Diodes SPR161C-SPR166C Ultrafast Diodes UFR3001C-UFR3005C

PoE Surge Protection with Diotec's Bipolar TVS Diode Cells and Diode Stacks

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) enabled devices and their associated electronic components can operate over a wide range of applications (e.g., smart signs, vending machines, access surveillance & control, phones, etc.) and, hence, potentially exhibit a wide range of operating currents and voltages that must be reliably protected against transient events.

Diotec Electronics produces standard and custom bipolar (& unipolar) silicon diode cells and diode stacks ideally suited for PoE Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) applications. Our diode cells and diode stacks provide extremely low electrical and thermal resistance, ensuring a quick response to overvoltage conditions. Diotec's PoE diodes have the ability to effectively dissipate the diode junction heat associated with the conduction of high surge currents during a transient event.

These superior performance characteristics are a result of using an advanced computer controlled vacuum die soldering process which enables silicon chips to be soldered to metal with exception consistency and VOID FREE QUALITY. Thus, Diotec's products have unmatched heat dissipation, cooler junction temperatures, lower leakage currents, and reduced thermal stress. The high quality die attachment allows the diodes to survive mechanical shock without bound failure, a common problem with most offshore "cheap" diodes.

The same vacuum die soldering process is used in "building" a diode stack. All elements in the stack are soldered together at the same time thus ensuring that the same single diode cell qualities described above also the qualities of the completed stack.

All PoE TVS products use ROUND dice, which provide the maxium current carrying capability, which are coupled with Diotec's proprietary vaccuum die soldering technology for maximum heat dissipation and the coolest operating diodes during surge events.

Below are several data sheets which describe rpresentative characteristics of bipolar TVS diode cells which are ideally suited for PoE applications, either as individual diodes or incorporated into TVS diode stacks.

We can tailor breakdown voltages to your specific requirements - one diode or a stack. with your application requirements.


On Semiconductor* replacements

Diotec manufactures quality direct replacements for On Semi* diodes, including:
Fast Recovery Lead Mount Diodes
Fast Switching Soft Recovery Tab Mount Diodes
Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Lead Mount Diodes
Standard Recovery Lead Mount Diodes
Standard Recovery Tab Mount Diodes
Standard Recovery Button Diodes

Looking for other On SemiĀ® replacements? Please your requirements.

*ON Semiconductor is a registered trademark of Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC (SLLC)